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Scurvy and Sunburn (aka Northern California Pirate Festival 2007)


Northern California Pirate Festival 2007This last weekend was the first annual Northern California Pirate Festival in Vallejo. We spent the day, or at least several of the hottest hours of it, there on Sunday. Actually, the heat wasn't too bad (unless you were wearing layers of costume), but I did get sunburned despite some SPF.

The PirateFest is essentially a small Ren Faire, but with way more pirates and way less kilts. It was the first one and we're already looking forward to next year. We plan to have costumes next time around though. (It was way too last minute for us.) Annette made some progress towards that goal while we were there. It's a Faire, of course there's shopping.

Northern California Pirate Festival 2007That said, the thing I most wanted there was a hand crafted, custom flintlock that carried a price tag of over two grand. Pirates Cove Arms. I already have a working flintlock, but this guy's wares were awesome.

Anyways, lots of piratey goodness to be had. Beer, cleavage, ships, swords and cannons. YAR! It gave me Faire flashbacks, and that wasn't a good thing. Now I'm in the market for a cool rapier.

I posted a bunch of photos to Flickr. Check out my NorCal PirateFest 2007 set, if you like.

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