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Does God Watch Big Brother?


This is the first season of Big Brother I've ever watched. I have nothing against reality TV, as so many of my friends do, so I never avoided it before, but it never seemed like it had anything worth seeking out either.

So, for some reason, I decided to watch Big Brother 8. The season is about halfway through or so, and so the competition is heating up. Two of the girls in the house are fairly religious Christians. They speak of faith and invoke God often. They do this most often in their "confessionals", which is just them and the camera (er, and America).

In last night's episode, one of them, let's call her Whamber, was "on the block." That means, she's up for being voted out. She then lost a competition that would grant her immunity.

In her confessional, she's asking God why he didn't save her.

No, seriously.

Whether you're an atheist, Christian, Muslim or devoted Cthulhu cultist, if you are reading this blog then it's likely you are the sort of person who can see the absurdity in this.

Obviously the reason is that God doesn't like you and would like you to stop calling. I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell you this, Whamber, but somebody had to.