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B.A.D. Girls take over the San Jose Civic Auditorium


Oakland Outlaws' Jammer, making her move Saturday night, we went to the B.A.D. Girls roller derby bout. I took a bunch of pics, but the lighting was really horrible and it's the first time I've ever shot something like this. (These girls are moving a wee bit faster than children's soccer. heh) Most of the shots are from where we were sitting, or just down on the floor from there. The later shots turned out much better, of course. Someday, if & when Annette is skating, I'll be moving around the track more to get better shots.

I was happy to have BossHog, the official B.A.D. Girls photographer and founder of DerbyDude.com, confirm that it was a really hard venue to shoot. I can't wait to see his shot though. He'll have made it look easy.

SF ShEvil Dead jammer gettin' some helpThe bout itself was awesome. SF ShEvil Dead vs the Oakland Outlaws. They all skated hard and kicked ass. This might be my new favorite spectator sport. (The fact that it's played by a bunch of cool, strong, attractive women really doesn't hurt. Derby girls are badass.) The halftime show by the SVRG was fun too. I look forward to the next bouts. (Too bad we will be out of town for the next one on October 5th, though.)