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Linguistic Inaccuracies & Digg Friends


Recently, I've been getting a lot of "adds" on Digg. I'm pretty active on there, I guess, so a couple, I understand. Whenever another digg user friends (only the web could turn that into a verb) me, I receive an email. It looks like:

Hey there! Stonehenge360 is your latest fan. He became your fan because he likes what you are up to on Digg and wants to see what you think is interesting. You can either leave him as a fan or add him to your own list of friends. Check out his profile here:



The Digg Team

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So, then I go look at Stonehenge360's Recent Activity on Digg, and I see:

Stonehenge360 has added Steven Schlottman, Erin, J, pkulak, Vote #1 Moojj, digitalgopher, dadof2, Mr. Baby Man, JoeyC, Spencer, Mihr, Gazerock, xoogie, Curtisnot, Vonkhan, phillip torrone, Chris Gray, Daniel Šimko, PAWEL FLAGA, Edward Alexander, johnlandes, Ralph, Steven Safak, Lord_Mizaru, Dane Kenney, zovi, hugesaks, bluedragoon, Ankush Dhiman, Phil, glass junky, Frank, you, Dennis, lese, bunny607, Leo Laporte, Aviar, Wayne, Rich Tannehill, Prakash, dabneyd, Jesse Jones, Dan Huard, Ralphy, Nathan, bambinette, Josh, Joe, selphishnerd, Celsius032, tyrstephen, Amar, Furious.Styles, purrp, diskazz, will4042, TrainingName, UCBearcats, Tyson H. , Carson, james estrada, Chelsea, johnsmith118, powersaber89, Ian Mansfield (a guy!), Chris Taran, Zaibatsu, Ken, UnlivedPhalanx, Noah, Rick Schmidt, Mike Z, tljff9, Alex H., Sarah Lane, Joe Biden, ricktoid, mike, Wil Wheaton, Roberto Villarreal, typ44q, P9, Diggnation, sahaskatta, boober86, hammydude, dpk87, justinvt, quokkapox, Flabbadabba, Troy E, DanThePainter, Christopher, iching, Miguel Lopez, verge, Bwack and CLIFF W. to his network.

I refer back to the mail that said he "became [my] fan because he likes what [I am] up to on Digg".

Really? I think you, Digg, should stop guessing at his motives for adding me. I don't think he knows me at all and I don't think it's very nice of you to play with my emotions like that.

PS: Stonehenge360 is just the most recent example of this. I've gotten a bunch of mass adds recently. I don't get the point of having a huge number of 'friends' on Digg that you don't actually know. It waters down the effectiveness of the Digg features. In other words, who cares what my friends are digging, if I don't even know their tastes?