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The Blog & The House


@Suterman tweets: @r3v Thanks very much brother! I really enjoy your blog page. though, you need to write more.

Doh. He's right though. I've been meaning to write a lot more this year. 2008 was the scarcest year for blog entries in a while. I blame this on a few things: Twitter and Life. When things are busy, it's much easier to microblog. Of course, that's no excuse for someone who'd supposedly rather be writing than doing most other things.

So, I planned to write more in 2009. I even had plans for a second blog, of sorts. Talk about over ambitious. I haven't tossed either of those plans, but they definitely fell by the wayside for a bit. Same problems as last year, namely that life has been super busy.

Oh yeah, and we turned the "busy" dial up to 11 when we started house hunting in December. In January, several houses and offers later, we found our new home. In February, we settled on a price. In March, we closed escrow.

Ever since, we've been rushing to get it ready to live in. Foundation work, drywall work, electrician work, new floors, paint... the whole thing. Some pics of the process are up on Flickr. I'll upload more as the work progresses.

We move next week.

I hope.