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Sarge: not so large, and only somewhat in charge.


Recently, we adopted a rescue cat, who goes by the name of Sargent [sic].  That's not how you spell the word, generally, but some folks do spell their name that way, so we didn't change it.  It's irrelevant anyways, since we just call her Sarge. 

It took her some time to get used to us and the new house.  She was a feral kitten when she was plucked off the mean streets of San Jose, after all.  She spent nearly a year in her foster home before we rescued her.

She's a brown tabby, just over a year old, and recently she had her first trip to the vet.  She cried the whole way there, but on the way home she was a little trooper.  Maybe because she realized we weren't giving her back?  Who knows. ;)

It's good to have a new furry in the house.  She's not a replacement for Boo, but will be a fine member of the family in her own right. At least until the dog comes along in a few months.  Then she'll probably be hiding under the bed again for a couple of weeks.