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Cya, 2009. Bring it, 2010.


2009 was a real mixed bag.

On one hand, I lost some family members that meant a lot to me. On the other, we bought our first house and are loving it still.

On one hand, the list of things to fix or improve on the house is immense. On the other hand, we have a fucking HOUSE! (It's a big deal, ok?)

On one hand, stress levels at work are higher than they have ever been. On the other, I still have a job and am earning decent money.

On one hand, 2009 has been a bad year for writing. (Seriously, there have been 3 or 4 aborted writing attempts, and about 8 or 10 aborted blog posts.) On the other hand, I'm starting to figure out how to better balance my time and carve out niches for stuff.

On one hand, my lungs are still bothering me and I'm tired of it. On the other, I'm still alive and kickin'. (No, really... try me. Just get in kickin' range.)

So, Father Time, I'm willing to call 2009 a draw if you are. We can start again tomorrow, winner take all! Er, wait. Wait. Not winner take all. How about more of a Gentleman's wager? Or, just play for funsies?

Oh well, either way. Bring it, 2010.

(But please be gentle.)