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Things I want in an MMO that they won't give me


The Massively Multiplayer Online game is quite mature now. (The genre itself, I mean. The players are quite another matter.) I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm not going to get certain things from it that I'd love to see. Most of these things bring a bit of reality to the game which would increase the level of immersion. Sadly, lowest common denominator usually wins out.

Realistic Inventory Space & Mass
I hate the idea of carrying around 20 swords, 15 shields and 5 cracked helms that I looted from that Orc camp over yonder. There's no way I should be able to carry all that, and unless my character runs Ye Olde Crappy Weapons Shoppe there should be no real reason to pick up every single item I come across. Of course, in pretty much MMO ever, you need to do this because selling that stack of 'grey' loot to the vendor is how you make money.

Realistic Loot Tables
Speaking of loot: I really hate killing some wolf and looting a wolf spleen, a silver ring, a battle axe and 30 copper pieces. That's just lame. Especially when I was probably sent to get a wolf tail or 10 paws or something else he should have but doesn't. Oh, and how come that Elf had a really cool dagger right up until I killed him. He was stabbing me with it. Where'd it go? Oh, it broke you say? Really? 20 times in a row? Stop it already.

No Vendor Trash
Oh, I'm not done with loot yet. The concept of "vendor trash" needs to go away. Carrying 15 Owlbear giblets, three broken shields and a zombie's ear back to town because the vendor will, for some inexplicable reason, give me money for them is just silly. Plus I don't even want to know how bad my pack smells after that.

Mounts & Vehicles That Don't Fit In My Pocket
The above few griping points give immersion a real beating. The horse or landspeeder that I can reduce to an icon and have it take up only one slot in my backpack? Yeah, that just beats the living hell out of it. No level suspension of disbelief beyond closing my eyes and going "lalala" is going to allow me to pull a Kodo out of my pack without grimacing.

No Arbitrary Level Restrictions
You can't get a mount in World of Warcraft till you're level 40. Forty. Man, I got my first car when I was 17 and, let me tell you, IRL that's not even out of the freakin' tutorial yet. Oh no, you can't put on that helmet because you're only level 29 and you need to be level 30. Really? What's my head going to be like in one level? Oh sure, you can carry this level 50 axe in your pack! Just don't swing it at anything. Come here, I'm going to head-butt you with my level 29 head.

Ranged vs Melee
The reason you don't bring a knife to a gunfight is that the guy with the gun is going to shoot you from across the street. Then maybe come over and take your knife so he can sell it. There's a reason we invented ranged combat: it's more effective. Oh, and the only melee weapon that a game like Star Wars should have is the vaunted lightsaber and anybody who tries to go hand to hand against a lightsaber, loses 1d6 appendages. Yes, 1d6.

There's more, of course, but I have to go out to the parking lot, pull my car out of my pocket and head home... too bad my hearthstone is on cooldown. >.<