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Fraiser Would Not Watch This Network



Finally, someone is willing to stand up and speak out against flightless birds, baby carrots and left-handed scissors*.

In case you didn't watch the video, apparently Kelsey is also mad about big government, taxes and overspending. (He's also against celebrity magicians... I think Penn should have a word with him.)

This video is about the launch of a new channel who's programming skews right. They're calling it RightNetwork. There are lots of liberal-leaning news networks, so adding one more to the conservative column isn't exactly going to cause any problems. I like balance, so this may even be a good thing. Also, you have to admit, they put the bias right there in the name instead of calling it something more "patriotic" or "freedom" based. (I tend to get a wee bit miffed when the far-right, or any group really, wrap themselves in the flag and imply that people who disagree with their point of view are un-American.)

Unless of course this turns out to be nothing but the far-right nutjobs... I'm sure "TeaBagTV" is still available if that's the case.

* "Ha Ha! Screw you, lefties!" Subtle! ;)