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I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost... but a MILLION at TAM8?!


They're mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore. Apparently.

"For too long, paranormal skeptics have mocked people with a curiosity about ghosts, spirits and the afterlife," proclaims someone on the internet who calls himself Doc Paranormal. (For the record, Doc Paranormal sounds like a cheap rip off of Dr. Strange. Marvel lawyers should look into this.) "The Million Ghost March has been conceived as an opportunity to turn the tables on these unimaginative naysayers. It is a march to defy logic," he continues.[1]

This "event" is to be held during TAM8, the annual skeptic's conference in Las Vegas. Apparently, in 2008, they held the first Million Ghost March, also during TAM. It is said that it was so successful that TAM had to change venues the following year! Now, I was at TAM6 and the only spirits I came in contact with were of the distilled variety.

Say, can poltergeists cause hangovers?

"Perhaps fearful of another Million Ghost March, skeptics are holding this year’s convention at the little-known South Point Hotel & Casino." Hah. We faked 'em out good. We moved it LAST year. It took them over a year to track us down, apparently. Maybe they should hire some dowsers or something.

According to another release, Doc Abnormal states, "Yes indeed, ladies and gents–as of July 1st, an amazing 923,985 spirits have signed on to participate in the 2010 Million Ghost March."[2]

923,985! Holy ectoplasm, Dr. Venkman, that's a lot of slimers!

Or not, if you think about it. Consider how many people have been alive and now aren't. Doc Abnormal can't get more than a million? I'd think if we're going to be impressed, we're going to need numbers a lot higher than that. (Not to mention some proof.) The number IS up from the last event in 2009 though. They had only 870,000 that year. The Doc reckons that it's because this year it's a multi-venue even, and the ghosts can "demonstrate in the communities they currently haunt, rather than traveling to Las Vegas."[2] Really? Ghosts have travel issues? Visa problems or just busy schedules?

"Only mad dogs and paranormal skeptics would attend a convention in Las Vegas’s blazing July heat."[2] Oh, I see. Ghosts don't have air conditioning.

Well, at least the have some big names. "Many celebrity ghosts have committed to the Million Ghost March, including the recently-deceased Michael Jackson, Ronnie James Dio and Brittany Murphy."[2]

What? No Patrick Swayze? Would that be too on the nose?

Sorry, I'm not linking to that crap, but here's some reference URLs:
[1] http://www.ghostvillage.com/news/2010/news_06142010.shtml
[2] http://www.askdocparanormal.com/?p=1200