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State of the blog


So, there hasn't been much traffic around here lately. All short-form traffic has been directed to Twitter or Tumblr, and I've been reserving r3v.com for longer-form posts. Unfortunately, longer posts take more time and effort. Sometimes it's easier to condense to 140 characters and just fire something into the twitter stream.

The time and effort I would put into a longer post has been directed at other writing efforts recently. Those come and go, get shelved and dusted off, and generally never get finished. When I'm in the mood to work on one of those ideas, though, I don't think about much else when it comes to putting pen to page... or electrons to internets as it were.

I'm not abandoning the blog, though. I've decided to focus on it a bit more, in fact. I hope to have more posts, with some varied content, up here soon. In an effort to keep flexing writing muscles, I'm going to start posting reviews. The big problem with reviews, and why I haven't posted many of them in the past, is that I general consume media later than most. I play video games when they're old and discounted, watch movies on Netflix after everyone else has forgotten the plot and I'm lucky if I can get to books within a decade of publishing. I've decided I don't care if they are timely, though. I'm not getting paid for this, don't really need the traffic and I've got no deadlines. I just need to write more.

So I shall.