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DC Reboot: Week One (8/31/2011)


I've always been a "Marvel guy" when it comes to comics.  Not that I buy strictly Marvel, but they tend to make up about 75% of what I get.  (Except for the dark ages of the 90s when the the big two nearly drove me from comics altogether. The smaller publishers and Indies kept the medium alive for me. I didn't come back to Marvel until Civil War!)

I've never really had anything against DC, except it just never felt like my comics. DC's heroes have, in general, always felt more polished and goody-two-shoes than Marvel's grittier books like X-men or Daredevil.  Their books just never called to me.

There have been notable exceptions over the years of course, Frank Miller's Batman stuff, DeMatteis, Giffen & Maguire's Justice League InternationalLobo. More recently, I had been enjoying Batman, Inc. and Batgirl.  I even tried to give the Wonder Woman shakeup a chance.

There are several other DC properties that I find intriguing as well, but have never really found time to check out. This DC reboot is the perfect opportunity to check out some of their offerings.  A (roughly) clean slate and same-day digital availability are key factors. (I don't know why Marvel can't get on board with same-day digital. Buncha luddites stuck in the print world...)

So, for the month of September, I'm buying more DC books than I have in a long time. My comic book budget is taking a beating, but it's for a good cause.

I've also decided to post some of my opinions of the books I try here, since my blog has been much ignored so far this year...

DC Reboot: Week One
(comics shipped 8/31/2011)
DC Titles tried: 1/1

Justice League #1 - The premiere teambook at DC is the first up. The creative team on the book is essentially the team driving DC at this point, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. I had to get this one.  The story is set in the recent past (maybe a couple years) and none of the heroes know each other yet. It's an interesting premise. Batman is clearly the Batman we all know and love, but Green Lantern is a bit of a pompous douchebag (who Bats puts in his place in a scene that made me actually laugh out loud.) I like that it's a clean start, but it will take a little while to see how it develops. So far so good, I look forward to the next one. ★★★★☆

Until next time, Make Mine Marvel…with a side of DC.