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The last 12 days have *SUCKED* royal ass. (First, for those that like to leap to horrible conclusions, let me get out of the way that things are still awesome with Annette. That part of my life is cool.) Now, on to the bitching.

I had a fairly annoying head cold, and worked from home for a couple of days. The head cold eventually became a chest cold and with that came a rather unpleasant cough. As most of my faithful readers know, my lungs have issues. Lots of heavy coughing is generally an indicator of a very rough time ahead.

So, I spend the next week coughing and swearing.

Then, last Thursday morning I have a coughing fit that leaves me clutching my chest and gasping. Lemme tell ya something, thoughts of the Emergency Room are enough of a stimulant that I didn't need any coffee for the next couple of days. However, I decide not to go to the E.R. and wait and see if it gets better.

(That's how things work with my lungs. I've been through this enough times that it's basically up to me on how I want to handle it. The real question is "Do I want/need a chest tube?". Strange to think that I'm qualified to make this call, but it's the way it is. When I call my doctor, that's exactly what he asks me. If the answer is yes, then I go to the E.R. and hope the chest tube fixes the problem and I don't have to end up with surgery.)

Well, my lungs have been getting better but slowly since I still have this nagging cough that is tough to kick since I'm trying not to cough, so I'm back at work. Mostly because I missed the daily Bug Review Boards and Apple coffee. (If you believe the bit about Apple coffee, you've never worked here.)

I haven't been very chatty or responsive online either. Sorry, haven't been very social. Hence this update to let people know I am, in fact, not dead. And, as they say, anything that doesn't kill me makes me really cranky. Or something to that effect.

While I was out, I missed the first half of a very cool class which I was looking forward to taking. The first half (three days) were dedicated to Logic Pro, our pro level audio app. The second half, which is this week yet I cannot attend because I missed the first half, is dedicated to Final Cut Pro, our pro level video app. I was really very excited about that class in particular. This is professional level training from BAVC that Apple was going to be paying for. Feck.

On Friday, the Director of my Department announced that we will be moving to another building. One off the main Apple campus. It's being renovated specifically for us and we will have the whole building. Those are the upsides. The downside is that most of us won't have offices any more and it's a 12 minute walk to the campus/cafeteria/company store/etc. I've been on this campus for damned near 10 years. In 11 days, I can mark my 10 year anniversary of being at Apple (9 years as an official employee) and all of that time as spent in this building. Change of scenery might be ok.... but I'm not happy about losing my door. Double feck.

Ah well. I'm trying to stay positive (or at least not be negative) about the move, since it's inevitable and it's not going to be happening for a few months. OH, I almost forgot.... as if moving wasn't bad enough, my group will be moving TWICE. First to an intermediate location in 6 to 8 wks. Triple feck. Makes it hard to stay positive. heh.

On that note, enough bitching. Things to look forward to include: Batman Begins sometime this week. Mary in SF on Thursday, possibly. A magnum of wine on Saturday with some new friends. Vegas/Defcon at the end of next month. (Luxx0rz!)