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Warning: Justice League teaches kids bad habits


JusticeLeague-theNewFrontier.jpgI followed an Amazon link from one of my favorite webcomics and stumbled across this Justice League movie, pictured on the left. (If you must know, the link I clicked on was for a He-Man animated movie. No, I'm not some sort of closet He-man fan. It's just that I can't believe he's still around. What? No, it's true. Whatever. As if you're so perfect and refined.)

The Justice League cartoons tend to be pretty decent kid's shows and I haven't seen this one. So, I'm casually observing the scene on the cover. All the heroes who can fly are taking off up into the air. Behind them are spaceships blasting off. It looks like something serious is going down. Like a huge space war or incoming alien armada. Very dramatic.

Wait... what the hell is Green Arrow doing? He's aiming his bow into the sky. That's just great. Shooting an arrow straight up is against the SECOND RULE on the Augusta High School's P.E. Department's website for archery safety. Didn't Green Arrow go to High School? Or camp? Or hear of gravity?

Plus they're launching SPACE SHIPS at whatever the threat is. YOU HAVE A BOW AND ARROW. We don't need to call the Mythbusters to find out what happens when you fire an arrow at something in the upper atmosphere.

A little out of your league, so to speak, dontcha think, Greenie?