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Some .m4r formatted ringtones. I created a couple of these, but they're mostly found. 

filename  size  description
dial-up-modem-01.m4r 865K self explanatory
Game_of_Thrones_8_Bit_Ringtone.m4r 1.1M Veronica Belmont made this
Groove_is_in_the_Heart_Intro.m4r 127K Deee-Lite!
Sands_of_Adventure.m4r 385K Sands of Adventure music ringtone
Super_Mario_Bros_Ringtones.zip 9.6M NES Super Mario Brothers ringtones pack
Teen_Titans.m4r 612K Teen Titans theme song by Puffy Ami Yumi
The_Legend_of_Zelda_Ringtones.zip 4.5M NES Legend of Zelda ringtones pack
TIMBERS_NO_PITY_RINGTONE.m4r 1.0M Timbers Army: There's No Pity in the Rose City
Totally_Rad_Show_ringtone.m4r624K The Totally Rad Show theme song
You_Look_Nice_Today_ringtone.m4r 439K The You Look Nice Today theme song